With our Joinocity CRM App you can acquire data and analyze changes in client interests, as well as listen to and respond to their requirements, using our platform. This capability enhance marketing campaigns, shorten sales cycles, and provide an incredible client experience.

Customers are the key to business success, and fair, honest relationship provide the foundation for long-term success and revenue growth. Avoiding communication barriers paved the way for a more efficient customer relationships.


Customers can respond to received emails with in our system making business interaction smooth and easy, their responses are automatically added to the conversation. You can provide even better and faster service by having the conversation describing the whole story of all client communication.


Our system provide SMS messages support, So you can receive responses to outgoing communications. When we say two-way messaging, we simply mean that your clients can respond to the SMS messages you send them instantly.


Making and receiving calls on your own phone number has become one of our most popular features. You can store an unlimited amount of phone numbers in your account from within our app.


With Two Way Email, when your customers reply to emails sent from our system, their replies will automatically be added to the conversation. With the conversation telling the full story of all client communication, you can provide even better and faster service.


Our systems are able to both send SMS messages and receive replies to outgoing messages. When we talk about two-way, or repliable, messaging, we simply mean that your customers can reply directly to the SMS messages you send them.


One of our most popular features is the ability to be able to make and receive phones calls on your own number. By using our app you can program unlimited phone numbers into your account.




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