For both bloggers and big enterprises, funnels and websites are essential components of any internet marketing plan. If you're new to internet marketing, you might be wondering what funnels and websites are and why they're important.


A marketing funnel, also known as a marketing sales funnel, is a structure that represents how to convert leads into consumers. A conversion funnel is merely an idea or a method of visualizing and understanding the flow and conversion of potential customers into paying customers.


A website is a collection of related web pages that can be visited by using a browser to navigate to the main page of the website.

The Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for Joinocity's website is, for example.

Any of our website's web pages can be accessed from our home page.

Landing Pages

A landing page is the initial web page a visitor sees when visiting a website. The landing page, for example, would be the first page you visited on Joinocity. This page is not the landing page if you came from another Joinocity page.




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